Will Nic Cage’s Copy Of Action Comics #1 Break The Record?

Back in 2000, three rare comic books (including a very high grade copy of Action Comics #1) were stolen out of high security picture frames in Nicolas Cage’s home around the same time he was throwing a party (an awesome party, apparently). Earlier this year, the comics were found in a storage locker and recovered by the LAPD.

It was unknown what condition the comics were in, or even who would be considered the owner of them now, although Cage told ABC he would be trying to get them back. The Action Comics #1 is particularly valuable, as it is the first appearance of Superman and the first superhero comic.

An Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0

Last year, a copy of Action Comics #1 graded by CGC at 8.5 sold for $1.5 million, a record at the time. This 9.0 copy is going up for sale at Comic Connect, and may become the first comic to ever sell for more than $2 million. We’re guessing he’ll spend it on more dinosaur skulls and albino King Cobras to keep his other dinosaur skulls and albino King Cobras company, and maybe he’ll drive them around in a Lambo because they deserve the finer things.

So there you have it. Maybe it’ll break an auction record. Maybe it won’t. Nobody knows yet. I just really, really wanted to photoshop Wicker Man Nicolas Cage into Action Comics #1. And now I have. To commemorate the occasion, here is a dog in a bow tie playing a keyboard:

Still makes more sense than Nic Cage’s career choices.

[Hat tip and a fanny pack full of EpiPens to BleedingCool and Videogum.]