Will 'Titanfall 2' Come To The PS4?

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03.20.14 6 Comments


Titanfall did its job: The game sold units and more importantly, sold Xbox Ones. So a sequel is not a surprise… and PS4 players might be able to join in on the fun.

According to Gamespot, Titanfall 2 is underway, and EA’s paying the bills:

The option to land Titanfall 2 was based on the performance of the original, our source said. Terms of EA’s agreement to publish Titanfall 2 are not clear, so we don’t know yet if PlayStation and/or Nintendo fans will get a crack at the rumored next game in the series.

Honestly, a multiplatform release seems more likely than not. Titanfall was profitable before it even shipped a unit: While obviously the exact numbers aren’t available, Microsoft paid EA a boatload of cash to ensure Titanfall never appears on the PS4. It’s likely Microsoft paid EA the estimated loss in PS4 sales, and even if the game is only a relatively modest success, that’s still a lot of cash.

But it’s doubtful Microsoft will pay that much twice. Titanfall is undeniably a system seller, but Microsoft has poured a staggering amount of money into first-party development, which is beginning to pay off with games like Project Spark, and really Titanfall was to buy time for Microsoft’s other development teams to get up to speed. Similarly, the PS4 has taken an early lead that may make the platform too tempting for EA to pass up that much money.

Besides, third-party publishers simply can’t afford not to release multiplatform games. So, yeah, expect Titanfall 2 to be a party for everybody.

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