‘Wolfcop’ Returns With A New, Official Trailer

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04.25.14 7 Comments


When we last checked in with Wolfcop, it was still getting together the necessary funds and materiel to make a film. Often even the most awesome concept can collapse at this stage, but Wolfcop held it together, and now has an awesome, official trailer.

The essential plot of Wolfcop is right there in the title, but if you want a little more detail, the movie follows the subtly named Lou Garou. While drunkenly patrolling, he’s cursed by a local cult with lycanthropy. But apparently, that substantially improves his abilities as a peace officer:

This has a guaranteed release in Canada and will in fact be in cinemas there this summer, and Wolfcop will invade the rest of the world, presumably in VOD form, in September of this year. Helping matters considerably is that the transformation effects actually look pretty good for a movie with a low budget. But keep an eye out, as grindhouse nights at local theaters will probably leap on this. Also, we hope that the theme of booze and donuts that runs throughout this film becomes a trend:

wolfcop donuts and liquor

Come on, America, if we can make an unholy atrocity like the wonut happen, we can combine liquor and donuts. Either way, Wolfcop will be out later this year.

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