World’s Calmest Dude Explains DIY Home Automation Kinect Hack

If I had half the brain power that it took to hack my Xbox 360’s Kinect camera into a home automation system, you can bet sure money that I’d be doing backflips down the streets, bragging to anyone I could find about just how huge the size of my dork brain was. But that’s just me, I’m a romantic. As it turns out, YouTube user tl880linux -who actually figured how to make the above Kinect hack possible- is an incredibly modest dude…almost too modest, actually. I’ve got my eye on you, brother.

The Kinect sensor is placed in the corner to have as wide a view as possible. A libfreenect-based application on the automation system monitors my location in the room, using a set of simple rules to determine what action to take based on where I am. For example, the system can turn the lights on and off as I move around my apartment, impressing friends and saving electricity. [source]

Video after the jump of this impressive display in action -and I’m still trying to figure out which is more frustrating for me: the fact that tl880linux’s video makes this hack look so incredibly simple and easy, or the bitter realization that his apartment appears to be about three hundred times cooler than mine. I mean, brains and interior decorating skills? Talk about a a catch.

[via HacknMod]