‘X-Men: Danger Room Protocols’ Is Pure ’90s Nostalgia In Cartoon Form

There are currently no plans to make another X-Men cartoon, which is an odd decision on Marvel’s part. The ’90s cartoon series is arguably one of the most beloved things they’ve ever put out, after all. But fortunately, where Marvel and Fox have no interest, a fan is stepping in to deliver his own take.

The basic play of X-Men: Danger Room Protocols is that pairs of X-Men are fighting through Danger Room scenarios, ranging from fighting ninjas to going up against Sauron. All have their ’90s design, of course, including the X-Men themselves, and we’ll even see memorable locations from the comics; it looks like we might run into a few Morlocks, among other things.

Probably the best part of Joel Furtado’s fan series is the animation design. Instead of trying to ape the rather cheap animation of the ’90s series, he instead imagined it as a ’90s computer game cinematic, complete with sawtooth edges and 2D color shading. It’s a bit like the cartoon and the equally beloved Konami arcade game have somehow been put in a blender. Furtado is an experienced animator for video games, which just adds to the look.

The first episode will be available January 19, but until then, take a look at the project’s Instagram, which has cleaner versions of the art. If nothing else, Furtado got the look right and then some, and we’ll be curious to see how far the ’90s nostalgia goes.

(Via Comic Book News)