X-Men: First Class Clip Is An Excuse To Post January Jones In Lingerie

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05.27.11 4 Comments

The lingerie picture is probably safe for work but I put it after the jump anyway.  I’ll understand if you stopped reading everything I’m typing here after the word “jump”.  I could probably type a whole lot of random wharrgarbl and embarrassing confessionals here and only a few people would ever see them.  I’m not going to, but it’s just reassuring to know lingerie pics can give me that option when I need it.

The first clip below (right after the JANUARY JONES LINGERIE PICTURE NAKED LESBIAN PILLOW FIGHT SEO OPTIMIZATION) shows Banshee doing his best rock scream while wearing silly kite wings.  The second clip is a featurette with some new footage and a lot of talking, which opens with producer Bryan Singer discussing, uh, something.  I didn’t hear much of what he said over my screams of, “How do you look that great at 45 years old!?  WIZARD!  WIZARD!

[Sources: THR and CBM (1, 2)]

Legend* tells us more pictures like this will be in next week’s issue of The Hollywood Reporter, which apparently exists in print form although I’ve never seen it.  Legend also tells of things called “magazines” which are still out there somewhere, lurking.

* “Legend” is a hobo who hangs out in the parking lot near my house.

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