Yo Soy Groot! Here’s Vin Diesel Saying ‘I Am Groot’ In Fifteen Different Languages.

Guardians of the Galaxy enjoys a rare luxury in that one of its animated characters only speaks three words (well, five words), so you can get Vin Diesel (and yes, that’s actually Vin Diesel) to say the same thing in about a dozen different ways.

This clip found by the Hollywood Reporter, however, introduces a controversy. As all nerds know, the accepted French pronunciation of “I am Groot” is “Je suis Groot.” Yet, the supercut insists it’s “je s’appelle Groot”, or, roughly translated, “I am called Groot!” Ugh, no wonder French is a dead language in the future.

That said, though, we are left to wonder which language sounds the best, and personally? I’m leaning towards Japanese, because it sounds like Groot is in a 2D fighting game, which is something Capcom is probably working on as we speak. Maybe they can bring in Vin Diesel to call his attacks.