Today In Gaming Abominations: You Can Use Your DualShock On The Wii U, Now

Senior Contributor
11.30.12 3 Comments

The Dualshock is, in many ways, one of the better-designed video game controllers, an elegant weapon for a more refined age.

And you probably still have a couple lying around somewhere, so good news, you can now use them to play Wii games! For some reason!

This idea comes from a Japanese third-party peripheral maker and does exactly what it says on the box: Offers a converter for you to use your old PS2 controllers by plugging them into a Wiimote. How it works (IF it works) is a bit up in the air, but basically it turns your Wiimote into a wireless transmitter with an exceptionally long cord.

Honestly, we’d probably be more interested in seeing a Sixaxis working with a Wii U: The Pro Controller is not exactly as ergonomic as it should be in some respects, and the Sixaxis has slightly better motion sensing.

But really, this is to show off a video game abomination before God and man, and in that respect, it succeeds admirably.

Now we just need to combine it with a unit that can read Wiimotes for the 360, and post it to see trolls go ballistic over the perceived heresy…

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