Twitter Hilariously Tests Alt-Right Fakers With ‘Black Twitter Verification Questions’

Last week, a white supremacist website we aren’t going to name or drive traffic to posted an article titled “How To Be A N****r On Twitter” (except the slur wasn’t censored). The article bemoaned the recent banning of abusive accounts after Twitter’s crackdown on hate speech. The author encouraged readers to create fake accounts pretending to be black, then “create a state of chaos” in an attempt to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement and make Twitter look bad (somehow). It’s as dumb as it sounds, the white supremacist equivalent of a “How do you do, fellow kids?”

Black Twitter clapped back at these nonsense fake accounts on Tuesday with #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions, jokingly vetting fakers with questions about memes, $200 dates, and popular songs Twitter regulars would probably be familiar with.

The hashtag was started by @iHateDanae, who told The Huffington Post she saw the racist article and considered the hashtag “a humorous way of taking ownership of the Twitter experience we have created.” She was surprised when the hashtag became popular and said it’s been “really rewarding to bring everyone together in a humorous way considering how tough this year has been on most of us.”

Here are some of our favorite Black Twitter Verification Questions, and if you don’t like these options, you can drive to Temecula and catch these hands.

(Via #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions, Quartz, and The Huffington Post)