10 Eerie Images John Travolta’s New Beard Calls to Mind

I can't stop looking at John Travolta's beard. I can't. I need to be asked to stop. 

Here he is Toronto bearding it up. Please make your Kelly Preston jokes elsewhere, and not in front of Bruce Vilanch because he already made them in 1997. 

Here are 10 things J.T. looks like with that sheet of charred Ramen on his face. He IS:

1. A satisfied customer at the Battlefield Earth Supercuts.

2. A Madame Tussaud's rendering of James Lipton.

3. Will Ferrell's character in “The Lovers” sketch. 

4. Vincent Vega dressing up his chin with a Jules Winnfield wig. 

5. A charming sculpture of butter and Velcro. 

6. Vincent van Gogh's first attempt at a self-portrait thrown away for being “too depressing.”

7. “Big Brother” star Cody Calafiore in 110 years. 

8. Someone named Lars

9. A Bond villain with a side job as a mall jeweler

10. Buddy Christ's best friend Shady Christ

(via Arthur Mola/Invision/AP)