10 minor movie characters who stole the show

Sometimes, it's the supporting players who get all the love.

From “Bridesmaids” to “The Wedding Singer” to “Kill Bill,” minor movie characters have been known on occasion to steal the spotlight from their top-billed counterparts; hell, sometimes they even get their own movie (see: next weekend's “Despicable Me” spinoff “Minions”). It's not to say that they run away with the entire film — there are few, if any, examples of that in the list below — only that they garnered enough cult, standalone fame to become iconic in their own right.

For the record, supporting actors aren't what we're talking about here. As much as we love Ducky from “Pretty in Pink,” for example, he's an integral part of the plot and appears in far too many scenes to qualify.

With that in mind, check out 10 of our favorite scene-stealers in the gallery below.