Meryl Streep’s 10 Possible Reactions to her 29th Golden Globe Nomination

Meryl Streep just racked up her 29th Golden Globe nomination for “Into the Woods.” Here are her 10 possible reactions to this news. 

1. “This must be how regular people feel getting Candy Crush invites.”

2. “Just call the DMV and pay it off, Mamie.”

3. “I'm nominated? For 'Into the Woods'? I thought that was just a Halloween party.” 

4. “Oh, the Golden Globes are always so fun. They're like Oscars that Madonna can win.”

5. “Just what I need, another chance to hear that weirdo Jim Parsons give a speech.”

6. “Wonderful! Amy Adams gets such a kick out of these.”

7. “Golden Globes. Hm. That's the one where they serve absinthe, right?”

8. “Remember when they nominated me for 'Marvin's Room'? What a hoot.”

9. “I think I'm busy shampooing my Emmys that night.”

10. “Oh, good. Now I have enough nominations to finish my papier-mache Oscar for Glenn.”