10 possible reactions to Pee-wee Herman’s rumored Netflix comeback

Do you love Pee-wee Herman? Yes? Well get excited: a new movie featuring Paul Reubens' famed '80s character is reportedly in the works at Netflix.

A deal for the Judd Apatow-produced project seems to have been brewing for awhile, with Reubens telling the A.V. Club in November that “we now have such an amazing company involved, and that”s the really big announcement that hasn”t been made yet.” Oh, boy.

So what does this mean for fans of the flamboyant man-child? TOTAL BATSHIT EXCITEMENT, of course. Who cares if you're 32 years old? Go ahead and bounce off the walls – Pee-wee himself would encourage it. In fact, here are ten possible ways to celebrate the bow-tied eccentric's (likely) comeback:

1. Ride your bike with abandon

Please wear a helmet, though.

2. Make your best surprise face

Mugging unabashedly is a Pee-wee specialty.

3. Express your excitement to Cher

If you can find Cher.

4. Dance wildly with Grace Jones

If you can find Grace Jones.

5. Say “Bitchin'” as loud as you possibly can

Preferably while dancing.

6. Put on your best pair of platforms

And then work them. Work them all night long.

7. Don't do drugs.

See what Pee-wee's doing? Do the opposite of that. He made a mistake.

8. Act like a complete maniac

Go ahead. No one will judge you.

9. Cheat gravity

No earthly force can keep a good Pee-wee fan down.

10. Go totally out of your gourd.

Just watch out for snakes. And fire.