10 reasons we’re totally living in a Golden Age of geeky television

Fantasizing about what our favorite heroes and villains would look like on the big or small screen was the pastime of many generations of geekdom. It didn”t matter if you liked comic books or novels; tabletop games or card games or video games, one thing all nerds shared: our favorites were niche markets that no Hollywood producer would ever come near.

That was then. This is now.

Today “geek” culture IS pop culture. We did it. We won! And if you don”t like that, if you grouse about the “popular” kids coming into your clubhouse and enjoying the things you enjoy, as if fandom were some finite resource like oil or bite-sized Snickers, then turn back now because you will find nothing but misery here. I, for one, welcome our new comrades. That more people who like “Game of Thrones,” the more people I can obsess with over fan theories. The more popular sci-fi/fantasy characters are, the more likely they”ll get treated with the respect Hollywood shows “The Walking Dead” and less like 2002's sad attempt at “Birds of Prey.”

In fact, I”d go so far as to say we”re living in a Golden Age of Geek TV and there”s plenty of evidence to back me up.