10 rowdy higlights from Danny McBride and Jody Hill’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Reddit AMA

Today’s Reddit AMA with “Eastbound & Down” star Danny McBride and co-creator Jody Hill was a reliably crude and gut-busting affair, and to give a taste of what the dynamic duo had to offer we’ve listed ten of the most uproarious, inappropriate and hilarious moments from the highly entertaining discussion on topics ranging from Channing Tatum’s delicious booty, Kenny Powers’ child-rearing tactics and why NFL linebacker/K-Swiss pitchman Patrick Willis will totally fuck you up.

1. @daaaabear says: “What was it like buttfucking Channing Tatum?”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “dude’s booty is made of gold.”

2. @spidersscareme says: “I accidentally watched This is the End last night. I meant to watch World’s End. Anyways, Danny, when you walked out in the movie, it was the only time in our relationship that I heard my boyfriend ‘cheer.’ I don’t know how else to describe it. Thanks for pleasing him in ways that I’m unable to do.”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “Your welcome. I do what I can. Where do you guys live?”

3. @MustacheDanger says: “How did you guys lose your virginity?”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “My Uncle.”

@Eastbound_Down replies:
“that was Jody. Mine was my dad.”

4. @trueblue2968 says: “I just want to let you know, to the right crowd, Your Highness was an absolute success. Also, for some time, I used “I can feel it down in my plums” as a ringtone. You’re the shit, looking forward to future works.”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “Thank you, thank you. The right crowd is the only crowd I care about. The rest can suck it. Suck them plums. Thanks for watching.”

5. @kimmikazee says: “Hi there! Danny, one of the only things you have in common with Kenny Powers is that you are both dads. Would you take any fatherly advice from Kenny? (PS You are my favorite)”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “Putting a kid in a hole to protect him from kidnappers has come in handy a few times. But for the most part I just think about doing exactly the opposite of whatever Kenny Powers would do and that pretty much gets the child rearing done.”

6. @bwurtsb says: “How was it working with mother fuckin’ Patrick Willis? He is a scary looking dude, not because he is black…. just looks like a dude who could rip your head off at will.”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “he actually talked about you. Stay away. He said he would rip your head off. He was cool to us though.”

7. @Eigenspace says: “How does it feel to wake up in the morning knowing that you are Danny McBride and Jody Hill?”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “Every morning when I wake up, roll over, and look at jody I ask him the same thing.”

8. @TomRalphio says: “What’s the weirdest thing to have happened on the Eastbound & Down set?”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “someone almost died in puerto rico. Jody saved his life. Magic powers came out of his hands. And then one day Don Johnson showed up.”

9. @AndroidsEatApples says: “Danny quick question! How much pot you smoke a day?”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “all the pots. all the days.”

10. @wgresser says: “Can you send me a signed Kenny Powers baseball bat”

@Eastbound_Down replies: “no fucking way.”

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