10 Stories You Might Have Missed: Christopher Nolan turned down ‘Justice League’

Sure, there were an infinite number of superhero-related stories this week, but we found a few more that might have slipped by even the most vigilant readers, including the fact that Christopher Nolan turned down the chance to produce “Justice League,” a new “Spider-Man” spin-off report, and casting info for the upcoming “Supergirl” show.

And in this week's 10 Stories You Might Have Missed, there are even some non-superhero headlines, including: “The Colbert Report” sets its December finale date, Mitch Hurwitz is editing a chronological “Arrested Development” Season 4, Kendrick Lamar slams Drake, J.J. Abrams reveals he shot one sequence of “Star Wars: Episode VII” in IMAX, “Hello Ladies” will return for an HBO send-off movie, Kanye West guests on Theophilus London's new song “Can't Stop,” and more.

Catch up here: