10 things that still don’t make sense in ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

The long awaited fifth “Die Hard” movie, “A Good Day To Die Hard,” won the box office crown this President’s Day weekend, but we’ve got to admit that after seeing John Moore’s action flick we’re still confused about a ton of stuff in the flick that really didn’t make a whole lot of sense. 

Full disclosure, neither I nor HitFix’s Drew McWeeny (whose review can be read here) are trying to be too tough on the latest John McClane adventure.  We were actually both very much looking forward to it after the surprisingly good “Live Free or Die Hard.”  On the other hand, “A Good Day’s” screenplay is so whack these were questions that came up as we actually watched the film.  Yes, sometimes our stories write themselves, but unfortunately movies don’t and some major gaps of logic seemed to get by everyone associated with “A Good Day.”  With that in mind, check out 10 things we still don’t understand about “Die Hard 5” in the embedded story gallery.

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