10 things we learned from Madonna’s AMA: Frank Ocean, Daft Punk, secret project

Madonna took to Reddit today for an AMA — or, rather, an AMAA (Ask Madonna Almost Anything) — and answered a couple dozen of the thousands of queries poured in.

She released her last studio album “MDNA” last year, but seems to be popping up to start hype on another new project — a #secretprojectrevolution to be more exact. The A/V project with Steven Klein has a mysterious trailer, which posted earlier this month. This AMA provides little other insight, but that it’s ongoing.

Here are 10 things you could pull out from Madonna’s AMA, aside from her admiration of her own album “Ray of Light”:

1. Secretprojectrevolution has actual projections. Asked what she’s doing tonight (Sept. 16), she replied, “test the projection of secretprojectrevolution on a wall.”

2. A current top-voted question revealed that Madonna calls herself a gay man. Less cheekily, a fan wanted to know what gay man she wishes she could turn straight. Frank Ocean — who is referred to more recently as bisexual — looks like her target.

3. “I would love to work with Daft Punk,” Madonna said. She’s “just waiting for them to return my call.”

4. Madonna has been listening to the soundtrack to “The Skin I Live In” lately. Congrats, Alberto Iglesias.

5. The last dream she remembers that she could share with the class involved another famous person. “Brad Pitt and I were living together and there was a small blonde child in the bed. Sorry Angelina, it was only a dream.”

6. Her favorite video to make was “Justify My Love.”

7. Great question: “Throughout your career you’ve taken a stand against homophobia, sexism, ageism etc. but what current issues drive you to voice your opinion creatively?”

“Censoring of artists, around the world. Censorship – for instance Pussy Riot.”

8. There were apparent errors in the mastering of the “MDNA World Tour” DVD & Blu-Rays in Europe. “yes and im absolutely horrified. my label is looking into it…trying to get to the bottom of it. it might be a case of old technology not working with new technology. please be patient,” she posted. “i spent 6 months editing and doing the sound mix for the DVD the last thing I want to hear is that the fans arent getting the fruits of my labor.”

9. Yes, she has considered making and album of acoustic and/or orchestral, stripped-down songs. No, she will not make a sequel to “Sex.” As for a “full-on rock album,” a “full-on no.”

10. “Where should I put these hydrangeas?”

“Up your ass.”

Madonna still does not like hydrangeas.