12 most important seconds of Pitbull’s new ‘Fireball’ music video

Pitbull has released the David Rousseau-directed music video to his “Fireball” single featuring John Ryan, which dances us into the night at a club into which we'd never be invited. Listen for the nod to Aerosmith's “Walk This Way,” were this nod be a great seismic shift causing the Earth to lurch and bodies fold upon themselves.

Here are the most important seconds of this music video:

0:14: In a demonstartion of impressive restraint, it is at this second that Pitbull executes the second of only two Pitbull Giggles.

0:34: Guitar face LOL

0:47: I would literally pay money to hear Pitbull distinguish the term “conquering” from “cumming,” in person, aloud.

1:08: Dad dance

1:44: This is the part where I thought, this party actually looks fun. Then I can do the big reveal on my latest moves.

2:17: Butt scan, a scan of butt.

2:19: Your poker face sucks, dude.

2:34: This is what I do whenever I enter a room.

2:47: “The Mask” At 20: An Homage

2:59: “I'm going to steal your drink and pee in it,” she whispered.

3:37: Slight breach of etiquette in the ladies' room, but at least she wasn't peeing.

And then Bruce Wayne's parents were shot, in the rain, in a dark alleyway.