12 questions the new ‘Jupiter Ascending’ character posters made us ask

After bending reality with the “Matrix” trilogy and juggling multiple storylines through the centuries in “Cloud Atlas,” the Wachowskis are headed to outer space for their next sci-fi extravaganza, and Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum are coming along for the ride.

Like any Wachowski production, little is known about the plot and character details, but a pair of new character posters (tweeted by Warner Bros.) have certainly piqued our curiosity. 

We've compiled a few questions and theories about the summer film, based on the below posters. 

First, take a look at a tatted-up Tatum:

And have a gander at the flanneled-up Kunis:

Finally, here are 12 questions we have about the film: