12 scenes from the ‘Fantastic Four’ trailers that aren’t in the film

By now, it”s painfully obvious the latest adaptation of “Fantastic Four” is dead on arrival. Critically and commercially panned, written off by its director, and taking in a paltry amount of opening weekend money all spells doom for the franchise.

And not the kind of Doom the studio was hoping for.

Could part of the problem lie in audiences feeling duped? After seeing the film on Friday night, I felt as if I”d missed something. There seemed to be huge chunks carved out of the movie. Did I miss several key scenes somehow, even though I”d never left my seat? Had the sheer overwhelming ‘blah” of the plot wipe my mind of crucial character development?

A quick look back through all the “Fantastic Four” trailers and commercials confirmed I wasn”t losing my mind. There were dozens of tiny sequences missing and at least one huge action piece. Now, it isn”t a secret that movie trailers will often include tiny bits from filming that aren”t in the final cut. Several of Paul Rudd”s quips from “Ant-Man” and a topless Gamora in “Guardians of the Galaxy” spring to mind. But for the most part, the trailer is a tacit agreement with the audience that this is an accurate-ish representation of what the finished product will be.

But not this time. Below are a full dozen instances from the “Fantastic Four” trailers that are inexplicably missing from the movie.