13 baffling questions ‘Interstellar’ refused to answer

Love it or hate it, “Interstellar” has been thrust into the national conversation. Christopher Nolan”s space opera is engendering mixed reviews and passionate opinions. But almost everything seems focused on either the space science or the stilted characterizations. While I”ll admit it”s probably problematic when your most charismatic character is the Mincraft-esque robot, the science seemed plausible to me. And to Neil deGrasse Tyson as well. The movie even went so far as to make scientists their major characters, including two women. Neither of whom are disparaged or looked down upon due to their sex.

But while the gravity and relativity theories play out well, “Interstellar” figuratively faceplants at the starting line. If the building blocks of your film are hard science, you can”t just stack amazing astrophysics on top of shoddy Earth science and hope it doesn”t fall down around your ears like Jenga pieces.

Once “Interstellar” reaches the stratosphere, it is – mostly – firing on all cylinders. But a lot of the plot relies heavily on human stupidity…leaving at least a baker”s dozen of baffling questions.

Warning: Spoilers. Obviously.