14 great science-fiction indie films from ‘Under the Skin’ to ‘The Terminator’

It's an interesting summer for science-fiction, and we're going to see a lot of younger filmmakers wearing their inspirations on their sleeves this year, even as we see guys who are jumping to the next level, taking on massive scale projects for the first time. One of the guys who is working somewhere between the two extremes is Will Eubank, director of “The Signal.”

Eubank's previous film was “LOVE,” a hand-made science-fiction that he shot on his own property. It's a beautiful, odd, unique movie that would never have happened at a studio. Likewise, “The Signal” is a film that unfolds in its own particular way. It's not like any other science-fiction movie you're going to see this year, and that's to its credit.

While science-fiction is normally the domain of the giant budget, especially since “Star Wars” landed on the mainstream in 1977, some of the most provocative and interesting science-fiction films of all time are independent films that had to happen outside the system. We picked ten that we particularly admire because of the way they work first as great stories, but also because of what they say about using the genre the right way.

Science fiction can tackle any idea, any concern, any type of character study. It is an incredibly rich genre, but it's often used to just tell simple good-bad power fantasies. We wanted to spotlight some films that have dared to do something truly different and that made permanent impact on the genre.

The thing is, we started with a list of at least 40 titles that could have easily been part of this list. It's actually pretty encouraging to look at that many films that have dared to redefine what science-fiction is. I believe we will always have people who dare to dream big on a very small budget, and that we are better for it.

Check out 14 must-see independent Sci-Fi films in the embedded gallery below.  Did we miss a favorite? Let us know in the comments section.