15 thoughts about the 15 seconds of new ‘X-Files’ footage

It is still MONTHS until we all quietly cry ourselves to sleep at night in fear – every light in the house on – after watching all-new episodes of “The X-Files.” But that doesn't mean the terror has to wait  until then to inch in and carve out a tiny home in your monkeybrain. That's what teasers are for!

Brace yourselves, there is a lot going on in here the blink of an eye. Meet me below to dissect!

#1. Is that an alien spaceship? Because it certainly looks like a 1950s-style flying saucer.
#2. Or it could be a turbine engine of some sort. Seems too flat at the top.
#3. That rubble definitely looks man-made. Whatever this thing is, it hit something.

Image Credit: FOX

#4. Okay that is definitely a spaceship or a secret flight project. I can see it in the back left corner.
#5. Why are all these guys dressed like WWII military goons?
#6. This is a very Area 51 vibe. Are we in Area 51? Where is Commander Data then?

Image Credit: FOX

#7. Why was only one of these bodies bleeding?
#8. What the hell is wrong with the one on the right? It looks…lumpy, like “Attacked by Cthulhu tentacles” lumpy.
#9. That couch looks pretty comfortable, to be honest.

Image Credit: FOX

#10. I”m guessing that person is not okay with being injected with…whatever that is.
#11. It almost looks like a tattoo gun?

Image Credit: FOX

#13. I don't know, are we ready Mulder? You tell me.
#14. Oh God, the creepy music. Quick, turn the lights on! Hold me!
#15. Is it January yet?