165 days until Star Wars: We know Stormtrooper aim is bad, but just HOW bad?


Have you ever wondered just how bad Stormtroopers are at hitting their targets? Talkin” Tuskens has.

They recently uploaded a counter to record ever instance of Stormtroopers firing a shot in “A New Hope.” Conclusion? The Empire's training must have consisted of someone telling conscripted civilians that blaster ammo is dirt cheap and to just pray and spray.

That is a truly terrible kill ratio. Just atrocious. Stormtroopers would never last an hour in Team Deathmatch. They're so bad in fact, Reddit went in search of any proof in the original trilogy that Stormtroopers ever lived up to their supposed marksmanship skills. And they finally found one…in “Return of the Jedi.”

To celebrate, they made a commemorative GIF.

Via Reddit

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