17 people we still can’t believe hosted ‘SNL’

What do the Olsen Twins, Donald Trump, Robert Mitchum and Francis Ford Coppola have in common? They all hosted “Saturday Night Live” for some reason.

“SNL's” celebrity bookings are occasionally questionable (is Blake Shelton actually funny, for example?), and sometimes just flat-out puzzling. Exhibit A? All 17 people listed below. Some are strange in hindsight while others baffled even contemporary viewers, and all deserve a special place on our list of the unlikeliest “SNL” hosts in history.

Before you quibble, we should note that this list is far from exhaustive: due to the sheer number of examples, the grouping we've selected is meant as a representative sample rather than a complete picture.

After scrolling through our choices, let us know who you would have included in the comments.