185 days until Star Wars: Darth Vader menaces the ‘Rebels’ in Season 2 clip

Darth Vader is a busy man. Between his own Marvel series, showing up in the STAR WARS on-going comic, starring in the “Lords of the Sith” novel, and tracking down the heroes of “Star Wars Rebels,” fans are not left wanting when it comes to Vader's antics. It seems after falling straight into the Emperor”s hands and betraying everyone he ever loved, Anakin Skywalker threw himself fully into his work.

This Saturday – June 20th at 9/8c – “Star Wars Rebels” kicks off Season 2 with a one-hour, stand-alone event on Disney XD. In this clip, Vader flushes out the rebel scum and sends them scurrying, though not without a few injuries to make it look like he was trying. 

Just what is the Dark Lord of the Sith up to?

[Via IGN]