198 days until Star Wars: ‘The Clone Wars’ was peppered with Indiana Jones Easter eggs


”Indiana Jones” has a history of hiding Star Wars Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans to find. From C-3P0 and R2-D2 as Egyptian hieroglyphics in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to the Shanghai nightclub in “Temple of Doom” having a familiar name, Lucasfilm wasn”t shy about intermingling their universes a bit.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

So it shouldn”t come as a surprise to see “Star Wars” return the favor, specifically in their critically-acclaimed cartoon “The Clone Wars.” With so much going on in the background, it was an irresistible urge for the artists to hide homages to some of the most iconic – and in one case scorned – imagery from the Indiana Jones series.

During the Season Three episode “Wookiee Hunt,” Ashoka dodges an attack. The focus is on her but if you peek up in the upper left corner you”ll notice a familiar crystal skull.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm via Reddit.

Later, in a Season Four episode about Cade Bane (where”s HIS stand-alone movie Disney!?), the bounty hunter is on the look out for a new hat when he comes across this. How Indy”s hat made it halfway across the galaxy is anyone”s guess, but I bet there”s a good fanfic just waiting to be written to explain.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

But the Easter eggs started as far back as Episode 21 of the first season. In “Liberty on Ryloth” you can clearly see some Twi”leks loading the Ark of the Covenant onto a ship.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

With “Star Wars Rebels” gearing up for a second season, no doubt fans of both franchises will be finding hidden gems for years to come!

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