2011 Grammy Predictions: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

As we continue our countdown to the Feb. 13 Grammy Awards, we”re predicting a category a day. Today we pit Lady Gaga against Katy Perry and Beyonce in the best female pop vocal performance category.

Best female pop vocal performance:

“King of Anything,” Sara Bareilles
“Halo” (Live), Beyonce
“Chasing Pirates,” Norah Jones
“Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
“Teenage Dream”  Katy Perry

What? No Ke$ha? We kid. Although nothing would have surprised us in this year where pop is absolutely king (and queen) at the Grammys. Seriously, we are a little taken aback that Rihanna didn”t earn a spot at the table. We know the Grammys love Norah Jones on principal alone, but Rihanna”s  “Rude Boy” or “Only Girl (In the World)” should have gotten either Jones” place for “Chasing Pirates” or Beyonce”s slot for a live version of “Halo” (C”mon! The recorded version won this award last year).  That is if we look at it solely as a popularity song contest.

If we really do look at it as a vocal contest, it becomes a different ball game (and Bareilles or Jones should win), but we don”t think the Grammy voters will see it that way, so we”re not either. We”re still baffled over “Bad Romance”s” exclusion in song and record of the year, so we”re giving Lady Gaga the award here because she both deserves it and out of sympathy.

Winner: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga

Tell us which artist you think should win.