2015 Golden Globe Nominations: Best and Worst begins with ‘Fargo’ vs. ‘True Detective’

Sure, it's easy to dismiss an awards show put on by 80 or so journalists you wouldn't know by name and have probably never read or viewed their work. Because they are run by the infamous Hollywood Foreign Press Association, that means the Golden Globes have always ended up just being sort of kitschy fun.  The awards telecast where the nominees and attendees always have a wee too much to drink, upsets abound and acceptance speeches actually still sound fresh and sincere.  Plus, ever since a formal host was brought in with Ricky Gervais and then Tina Fey and Amy Poehler the show has arguably been more entertaining to watch than big brother Oscar. 

Then, of course, there are the awards themselves.

The HFPA is long past the days of Pia Zadora although a slew of “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” nominations still pop up now and then.  What is most important to the organization is that they don't look “wrong” and they look slightly progressive (at least on the television side compared to big sister Emmy).  They don't say it, but they want their nominations to eventually line up to Oscar and Emmy as close as possible.  And if somehow they pick a winner the public thinks should have been rewarded by the more “respected” shows? Even better.  Still, in a competitive environment like awards season there will be snubs and surprises. Some of which will inevitably turn the HFPA into the industry's whipping boy once again.  Was that the case this time around?

Let's consider the possibilities as you ponder HitFix's best and worst of this year's nomination crop which you can find in the embedded gallery below.

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