2015’s Least Emmy-Baiting Episodes

There is nothing like gathering the kids around the internet- the way the family would gather around the radio to hear FDR”s fireside chats generations ago- to analyze which were the worst snubs of a particular awards season. A guest star on “Good Wife?” The actress from “Orphan Black?”

But let”s face it: for every heartbreaking snub, there are many more cases where ignoring a show was richly deserved. That is the point where a snub is no longer a snub, but a dark form of justice. 

Here we take a look back at some the low points of the 2015 TV seasons. These are the least award bait-y episodes of shows that are destined- whether deserving or not- to go unnoticed come Emmy time. Trust us: you wont see these episodes on any of those Emmy snub lists.