21 Things We Learned From Our Batman Exhibit Tour At Warner Bros.

and 06.16.14 5 years ago
(CBR) It's very telling that, even as Warner Bros. is bringing a new Batman to the big screen with “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the first thing visitors are hit with as they enter the impressive, spared-no-expense Batman Exhibit is Hans Zimmer's stirring score from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight film series. As if to indicate, “We know who the real movie Batman is,” without saying it.
In fact, Nolan's films take up considerable real estate of the newest addition to Warner Bros.' VIP Studio Tour. Honoring all 25 years of the DC hero's legacy on the big screen, the tour doesn't have its official public unveiling until June 26, but CBR was given an early look of the exhibit — which, for Batman and movie fans in general, is nothing short of a “must see.” The comprehensive exhibit is so massive, that it requires two separate wings to display it all.
There is the main hall, located in the large Warner Bros. Studio Tour building, which features props, production art and costumes (yes, all of the batsuits!) And then, there's “the Batcave” — a warehouse-like structure that's home to almost all of the big-screen “Bat” vehicles, including two Tumblers and the Bat-pod. It also houses a bat signal and the Batman statue Gotham City receives at the end of “The Dark Knight Rises.” Here are 21 things we learned on the Batman Tour, an exhibit which has only one problem — it ends.
Warner Bros.' Batman-themed studio tour is slated to run throughout the summer. Click here for ticketing info.

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