295 days until Star Wars: The mysterious case of Jedi Tiplar and Jedi Tiplee

It”s been almost a year since the sixth and final season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” came out on Netflix as a truncated 13-episode arc rebranded as “The Lost Missions.” From introducing the concept of Order 66 to the deterioration of Anakin and Padme”s marriage, the show finished setting the stage for the events of “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.”

But while most of the season focused on getting the major players into their respective places, a handful of new characters were introduced. Among them were Jedi Knights Tiplar and Tiplee. The sisters were introduced during a pitched battle with the droid army in  “Episode One: The Unknown” and they look unlike any alien species in the “Star Wars” universe. Floating tendrils of “hair” give them a Medusa-like appearance, though we never discover if Tiplee (the red-skinned sister) has cut her locks or if they”re merely capped for some reason.

Lucasfilm has been surprisingly silent when it comes to these Jedi. There is no official record of their species or home planet. The Star War wikia refers to them merely as an Unidentified Humanoid Species, while StarWars.com only mentions the sisters in passing. The women are based on unused “Episode II” Sith Lord concept art by Iain McCaig.

In the end, the origin of Tiplar and Tiplee is a minor mystery in the larger tapestry of Star Wars lore. But when the official blog dedicates an entire post to the intricacies of fictional ray gun mechanics, it seems a strange oversight to forget to name an entire species.

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