5 DC characters that need to appear on ‘Gotham’

and 03.16.14 5 years ago

(CBR) Fox”s upcoming “Gotham” pilot is moving along faster than a speeding Batmobile: With primary casting out of the way, the DC Comics-inspired series has released an overview and appropriately cold and gray logo.

The drama will focus on a young Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his relationships with both Detective Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and the 12-year-old Batman-to-be Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). The overview also name-drops a few other notable Gothamites, including younger versions of the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), but those aren”t the only two Bat-Baddies slated to appear on the show: The overview also mentions the yet-to-be-cast Riddler, Two-Face and the Joker by name.

However, even with a dozen characters already in play, there are a few others we suspect will get “Gotham”-ized before the 2014-2015 season ends.

The Graysons

With Bruce Wayne himself being just 12 years old, odds are his eventual sidekick Dick Grayson hasn”t even been born yet. That doesn”t mean we should rule out an appearance from the future Robin”s parents. Perhaps their circus act will swing through Gotham for an episode, and maybe we”ll meet an attractive couple of acrobats who will casually mention that they want to start a family. After seeing countless similar Easter eggs in comic book movies, there”s no way this doesn”t happen before 2015.

Ra”s al Ghul

Unlike some of the bad guys already cast, Ra”s al Ghul has an extensive and action-packed history that predates the Caped Crusader. Thanks to his life-extending Lazarus Pit, Ra”s maintains a youthful appearance despite his centuries-spanning life. “Gotham” might follow in the footsteps of the Christopher Nolan trilogy and exclude some of the source material”s more fantastical elements, but that doesn”t mean Ra”s al Ghul can”t unleash his League of Assassins on the city.

Lucius Fox

Thanks to Morgan Freeman”s excellent performance in the aforementioned Nolan films, Lucius Fox has become one of Batman”s best-known supporting characters. If he doesn”t show up in “Gotham” eventually, we”ll be incredibly surprised. The series overview states that Thomas and Martha Wayne”s murder will be the first case Gordon and Bullock try to solve, which means the Wayne family will be front and center. So with Thomas Wayne out of the way, who will run Wayne Enterprises? It seems like Fox”s inclusion as CEO of Gotham”s biggest company is a no-brainer.

Harley Quinn

If popular characters like the Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman and Penguin are going to pop up, then Harley Quinn has to be next on the list. She may be a relatively new addition to Batman”s rogues gallery, but she”s easily become one of the most popular. Her comic book series is a bestseller, she”s a cosplay favorite and everyone who was introduced to her 20 years ago on “Batman: The Animated Series” has now hit the age when nostalgia trumps everything. Harley”s going to show up.

Gotham Central

When it was announced Fox was developing a drama named “Gotham” that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department, a lot of comic book fans assumed it would focus on the cast from the acclaimed comic series “Gotham Central.” So far that hasn”t really panned out – unless you go to the show”s IMDb page. There, a number of extremely unconfirmed castings are listed that lead us to believe “Gotham” really might be more like “Gotham Central” than the overview lets on. After all, Gordon and Bullock can”t be the only cops on the show; characters like Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen would be welcome additions.

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