The hilarious reason Puff Daddy turned down a role in Seth Rogen’s ‘Sausage Party’

Even if you go into Sausage Party forewarned that it”s very crass and politically incorrect, you still will be shocked by what you see and shocked that this movie, distributed by a major Hollywood studio, exists.

At a screening outside of San Diego Comic-Con tonight, the new R-rated Seth Rogen movie was screened for an audience that gasped, groaned, chorused many a disgusted “ewwww” – and was constantly cracking up.

It must have been a particularly rewarding screening for Rogen et al. to sit in on. They sure got to listen in on plenty of loud reactions from the audience.

After the screening, a group of the voice cast and filmmakers gathered for a Q&A (which was itself a sausage fest – neither Kristen Wiig nor Salma Hayek joined their co-stars for the event).

The animated movie – about the talking food inhabiting a grocery store and discovering, to their horror, what really happens in the “Great Beyond” (they get eaten) – features Rogen as the voice of the sausage Frank and on the writers team.

Here are five shocking things we learned about Sausage Party from the San Diego Q&A:

Warning: Spoilers and some references to adult moments from Sausage Party follow. But for the most explicit Sausage Party moments, you”ll have to go see the movie.

1. Research is important: If Rogen”s tale of how he and his co-writers put together this weird story is to be believed (and hey, it's Seth Rogen, so it's believable), they would have been a weird bunch to catch a glimpse of at the local grocery store. We must have looked like the dumbest idiots on earth,” Rogen said. “Just two guys with a notepad, stoned, walking around Ralphs at two in the morning. ‘Oh, horseradish could be a horse!””