‘Game of Thrones’ snuck a bunch of new Season 6 footage into this featurette

Another day, another set of new images from the new season of Game of Thrones to dissect. Today”s crop comes from an HBO featurette that focuses on the camera operators that help bring the director”s vision to life. Game of Thrones films simultaneously in multiple locations around the globe. As such, the teams are divided into “Dragon Unit” and “Wolf Unit,” which is pretty sweet, to be honest.


The video itself is a fascinating look at how much work goes into getting a single shot framed up and completed in the harsh conditions Game of Thrones films in. Be sure to check it out!

Of course, the highlight of the featurette was HBO”s decision to use behind-the-scenes footage from the new season. Not only does it help illustrate the importance of camera operators, but it gives fans a few hints about this year”s storylines. Since we”re off the book map, every scrap of imagery is new and exciting for everyone! Below I collected eleven images that stood out as interesting or relevant. Did I miss a moment that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments!