6 ‘Constantine’ secrets revealed by David Goyer and Matt Ryan at New York Comic-Con

NEW YORK – In just a couple of weeks, the NBC adaptation of “Constantine” will premiere.  Today, executive producer David Goyer and stars Matt Ryan (John Constantine) and Angélica Celaya (Zed) ventured to New York Comic-Con to offer up the pilot and a brief discussion.

At less than 15 minutes, it truly was a brief discussion with no Q&A at all.  The panel, including the screening, only had an hour-long slot. There were, however, some interesting things said.  Here is some of what we learned:

David Goyer loves John Constantine's edge

Goyer said that he loves Constantine because “he's a bastard.”  People in the audience were very happy to hear what Goyer said next, that Constantine hasn't been “de-balled” for the show.  The producers and Ryan are even trying to be clever about how they work in Constantine's cigarettes (so pay attention when you watch).  There is also some “artful language.”

Matt Ryan has picked up and read the comics

The “Dangerous Habits” run is one of Ryan's favorite stories.  While Goyer says that some stuff from the comics will be in the first, season, if the series lasts long enough (that was a recurring theme of the discussion), they'll be doing “Dangerous Habits.”  Goyer also said that if there's a second season, he'd love to get some of the comic's writers involved.

You can probably expect a mid-season cliffhanger

The series is about to start shooting episode 10 and when asked about a mid-season cliffhanger, Goyer didn't want to divulge any sensitive information but did say that he really likes cliffhangers.  That wasn't a definitive response, but the wink-wink, nudge-nudge of it was clear.

Goyer sabotaged other actors trying out for the role of Constantine

Ryan sent in a tape that convinced Goyer that Ryan was the guy for the role, but not everyone else held that belief.  Ryan was in the middle of doing a play and had long hair and a beard at the time.  Goyer told us that there was some slight sabotage of other actors who auditioned so that he could buy time for Ryan to finish the play and shave.

Expect to see other comic book characters down the line.

Papa Midnite and Corrigan are going to appear in the near future.  Doctor Fate may show up as well (more winks and nudges seeming to indicate that it's more than a maybe).  Again, the longer the series gets to run, the more we'll get to see.  Perhaps jokingly, Goyer said that he was lobbying for Detective Chimp.

No Lucifer yet though

We will be getting Lucifer's voice in the third episode of the season, but that seems to be about it for now.  Also known as the “First of the Fallen,” Goyer said Lucifer isn't a character you want to rush to the screen, you have to build up to him.  One prominent shout from the audience suggested they not do Lucifer until season five, a  thought that amused Goyer.

As with so many things at New York Comic-Con, the panel was a little like preaching to the choir, but those present in the audience really seemed to enjoy the pilot episode and the brief discussion.  HitFix's Daniel Fienberg in his “Take Me to the Pilots” non-review suggested his desire to see more was only “middling.”

The series premieres October 24th on NBC.