60 days until ‘Game of Thrones’ – HBO tweeted then deleted the return of THIS character

This morning, Game of Thrones released character posters from the Hall of Faces. Everyone from the Starks and Lannisters to the Targaryens and Martells were represented by people both dead and (currently) living. But there must have been a slight hiccup in the roll out, as one character was unveiled and then immediately scrubbed from HBO”s Twitter timeline.

But this is the Internet. And on the Internet, nothing is really gone forever. Thanks to ComicBook for grabbing a screenshot!

That”s Nymeria Sand (Jessica Henwick), one of the Sand Snakes from last season. The image above was first tweeted out by @HBOAsia and has since mysteriously vanished. But why? Nymeria isn”t a new character. Knowing she”ll return this season – with the other Sand Snakes in tow most like – isn”t a surprise. You can”t exactly murder Princess Myrcella and get off scott-free. There will be some consequences in Dorne.


But will Nymeria even BE in Dorne? In Chapter 38 of A Dance With Dragons, Prince Doran sends his two of his nieces to King”s Landing: Tyene and Nymeria. Tyene is tasked with the mission to join the Church and get close to the High Sparrow to learn what she can. Nymeria is sent to replace her father on the Small Council. Those orders are the last time readers see the Sand Snakes…assumedly until The Winds of Winter.

The show takes liberties with character arc, but the reveal of Nymeria today seems to indicate she”ll play a larger role in the upcoming season.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24, 2016.