7 of Kate McKinnon’s most hilarious non-‘SNL’ sketches

04.07.15 4 years ago

I swear I didn't have a summertime romance with Kate McKinnon back in 1983, but when I think of the “SNL” Emmy nominee, a smile creeps across my face like she's an old confidante who made good in this crazy world. Even among “relatable” comedians, McKinnon seems so real, unpretentious, and fun. And smart to boot. And like someone who'd come to your stupid party with your stupid friends and enjoy all the right people and ignore all the right people. Maybe this is delusion, but it's an important delusion that makes me appreciate more than Kate's considerable skills as an actress, comic, and celebrity impersonator. Let me have this delusion. 

Let's celebrate her greatness by enjoying some of her best non-“SNL” work. Just today McKinnon released a hilarious video on the Above Average network where she plays a saucy notary public who gets into trouble.  

If you haven't mined McKinnon's sketch history past on the Logo series “The Big Gay Sketch Show,” you must. Here she plays Fitzwilliam, a whimsical boy whose only wish is to have a vagina.

Even when she's prepping to go on “The View,” she makes time for some gonzo laughs. Here she is tolerating the nervousness of correspondent John Early, whose awkward approach lingers with you long after the interview is over.

If you aren't jumping up and down in tears by the end of this McKinnon appearance on “Comedy Bang Bang,” you should be maimed. She's a “professional downstairs neighbor” whose fashion sense qualifies her to be a secretary on any episode of “The Bob Newhart Show” she wants.

She's Ellen. On “Ellen.” Handle it.

She is a very charismatic hostage too!

Finally, enjoy her as “8th grade theater artist” mentor and terror Lynn Schatz. I love any McKinnon character with a sense of self-possessed lesbianism and, additionally, sinisterness. 

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