7 things we learned from Florida Georgia Line’s ‘This is How We Roll’ video with Luke Bryan

Florida Georgia Line debuted the video for “This Is How We Roll,” another in its string of fun, mindless songs from the duo on “Good Morning America” today.  The tune, which features a bridge by Luke Bryan, is No. 23 on Billboard”s Country Airplay chart after seven weeks.

Here are a few things we learned from watching the video. You can watch it here  (we will embed it when GMA”s exclusive ends Saturday).

*Only women who look like Playboy playmates hang out at truck stops and rub up against 18 wheelers…and they don”t mind traveling inside the truck instead of the cab at all.

*There”s nothing that being on wheels can”t fix, from two wheels to ATVs to semis, because this is, after all, how we roll. Couldn”t they fit in a unicycle?

*Rising on top of an 18-wheeler as it runs down the road is an acceptable mode of transportation. Don”t try this at home, kids.

*You can apparently shoot bullets at the moon, if you”re FGL.

*When a chunky guy give a lap dance, it”s apparently hilarious. When a chunky woman does that in a video… wait, that”s never been done.

*Having motocross racers jump over your head can make even country music superstar flinch, especially as fireballs explode

*X Games champ Travis Pastrana is impressive