7 things you didn’t see during the Grammy Nominations Live broadcast

While much of the action took place on stage tonight at the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live,” there was plenty going on backstage beyond the cameras” reach.

Here are a few moments you didn”t see on TV:

ED SHEERAN, who received a best new artist nomination, said he and Taylor Swift, with whom he co-wrote on her Grammy-nominated “Red” album, “definitely” have plans to work together again,  but it may be a bit of a wait. “Yeah,  not any time soon. I”m going to go off and do my own thing for awhile,” he said.

MIGUEL, who performed with Keith Urban, and received two nominations, says fans can start getting ready for a new album from the Grammy winner, his first since 2012″s “Kaleidoscope Dreams.”  “I”ve been on the road for the past 3 years pretty much, but I feel like I finally got in a rhythm of recording and playing,” he said. “We”re well into a rhythm on the road… so it”s coming, it”s coming.”

MARY LAMBERT, who sings with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
on Song of the year nominee, “Same Love,” says the reaction she”s gotten from the song has made her realize that its success is far beyond anything she or the duo have created and that it has taken on a life of its own. “Same Love” “reflects where we are culturally,” says Lambert. Her favorite response to the song? “There”s a woman that came up to me, I have a solo version of the song and I”d just performed that, and she said, ‘I decided I”m going to come out to my church.” She was a minister and she knew that they were going to kick her out, but she was like, ‘I”m not going to apologize for that anymore”,” Lambert recalled, choking up. “It”s incredible.” Lambert, who has signed with Capitol Record, will release her debut EP on the label on Dec. 17.

PRESENTER MELISSA ETHERIDGE was positively giddy over the nomination of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis”s same-sex marriage anthem, “Same Love,” for Song of the year. She considers its success a watershed moment.  “I”d really like to sing that one with them on the Grammys,” she admitted. The song struck a chord with her from the start: My daughter came to me and said…’Oh, you”ll like this song mom.’  We”re in the car, driving, and she played ‘Same Love” and I had to pull over. To hear that from that genre, from a straight kid like that from Seattle to my daughter… it just, it”s happened, it”s here. We”ve crossed over. So that song holds a super amazing place in my life.”

RAPPER T.I. was gracious and humble when it came to his role on “Blurred Lines,” the Robin Thicke hit that received a number of nominations. “I”m just glad Pharrell and Rob invited me to the party, I just showed up,” he said. “There wasn”t really any pressure on me. Congratulations, really, for Rob and Pharrell.” However,  he admitted it was a little bittersweet that he and Pharrell were also competing against each other for  both the record of the year and best pop duo/group performance since Pharrell”s other major collaboration, Daft Punk”s “Get Lucky,” was also up in both categories. As for the huge success of “Blurred Lines,” T.I. said, “It was just this cool idea. We feel like everybody brought their A-game and found a way to make something different work in a big way. Once they presented it to me, it was just let me not mess this thing up.”

ALEX DA KID, who signed Imagine Dragons
to his Interscope-distributed imprint, fully understands the reasons why the rock band, who received a best new artist nod, are striking such a chord with their fans. “I was definitely drawn first to the songwriting, I thought the songwriting was consistent, and certainly to their live show,” he said. “Their live show was theatrical, it”s a real show. And they were doing that when they weren”t playing arenas, they were doing that when they were playing to 50 people in a club.”

said there are no hard feelings over Drake”s decision to pull out of performing on tonight”s show at the 11th hour… even if he”s still not exactly sure why the rapper, who received five nominations, had to cancel. “They had some changes in their plans,” he said. “It was just one of those things,  it was kind of last minute….[but]  everybody”s big boys and girls. It was very amicable and we hope that we might see him in January,” he said, leaving an opening for Drake to perform on the Jan. 26 Grammy Awards.