Freddy’s Not Dead: 7 ways to build a better ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ remake

Another “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake? You're not dreaming.

According to multiple sources, New Line is rebooting the iconic slasher franchise only five years after the last attempt fizzled with critics and audiences (despite grossing a healthy $115 million at the box office). David Leslie Johnson (“Orphan,” “The Walking Dead”) is scripting this time around, and the hope is he can help us forget about the series' creatively lackluster 2010 installment.

Don't like it? There'$ no u$e fighting thi$, people. Question is: can they build a better version this time around?

To that point, below I've listed seven suggestions on how to make this re-remake a more worthy followup to Wes Craven's 1984 original.