Everyone looks haggard AF in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 photos

In the ‘Game of Thrones,” you live or you die. But based on what the survivors look like in Season 6 of the HBO adaptation, maybe those who die are the true winners.

When Game of Thrones went dark last year, pretty much no one was in a happy place. A quick recap: Dany may have escaped certain death in the pit, but Drogon isn”t exactly cooperating and good money says those Dothraki aren”t friendly. Tyrion and Varys are in a sticky situation in Meereen. Cersei may have completed her Walk of Shame, but that doesn”t give her the power to the Throne. Jaime Lannister just watched his daughter die. Margaery was still imprisoned, with the rest of her family helpless to free her. Arya paid for her sins with her eyesight. Sansa is stuck with Theon in sub-zero temperatures, with miles and miles between Winterfell and safety. Both Davos and Missandei's world's turned to ash. Bran is stuck in a tree, most likely literally. Samwell and Gilly were very politely banished for their own safety. Brienne may or may not have killed Stannis. Melisandre was wrong on just about every level. And Jon Snow was…inconvenienced.

So it makes sense that everyone is looking harried and over it in the first official images from Game of Thrones 6th season. Even the Boltons and the Greyjoys look tired of the Game. The only person who is probably enjoying life at this point is Littlefinger…and maybe Brienne?