8 family films in 2014 that didn’t make adults want to claw their eyes out

Family films can be divided into two loose categories: those made quick and cheap because children aren”t a discerning audience, and those that don”t hate adults. But with the slick marketing machine these days, a lot of the former can look like the latter until it”s too late. Taking a small child to a movie theater is playing Russian Roulette with your sanity.

So no, there will be no Michael Bay movies here. Nor any straight-to-DVD cash grabs. Or soulless remakes that nobody asked for. Instead, this is a celebration of kids” movies from 2014 that understand while tiny human may be their target audience, no 5-9 year olds (or most 10-14 year olds) go to the movies in a vacuum. 

Thank you for making entertainment for kids without insulting adult intelligence.