Watch: A conversation with ‘Arrested Development’s’ Korean adoptee ‘Annyong’

Is “Annyong” (real name: “Hel-loh”) back to wreak more havoc in the upcoming season of “Arrested Development”? If he is, the actor who played the Korean adoptee-with-a-secret isn’t telling.

“You know, anything’s possible,” Justin Lee told us at the show’s Season 4 premiere on Monday. “You’ll have to watch May 26.”

Right. So which of the principal cast members did you get to work with the most during shooting?

“You know, I’ll have to divert back to ‘you’ll have to watch May 26 to find out,'” Lee repeated. “I will tell you it’s gonna be funnier than ever.”

Regardless of Lee’s explicit denials, the chances of the character’s return seem good considering what a pivotal role he ended up playing in the final episode of Season 3. Also, whenever an actor stonewalls like that it means the answer to whatever question you’re asking is probably “yes.”

And now, one of Lee’s favorite Tony Hale anecdotes.

“There was a moment [in the earlier seasons] where I got to do my own stunt, and…I got to actually jump off the ceiling of a house and onto Tony,” Lee recalled. “The way we did that was actually on top of a really high ladder…luckily Tony’s a really sturdy guy. I [weighed] maybe a buck-oh-five. I was 14 but I looked, let’s be honest, like 11 years old at the time. But luckily, Tony’s a sturdy guy, so…Tony broke my fall.”

Ok fine, we’ll take it.

For more from Lee, including his delayed appreciation of the show’s sophisticated adult humor, click on the video above.

“Arrested Development” Season 4 premieres May 26 on Netflix.