A Journey Through ‘Breaking Bad’s Perfect Emmy Night

It was a pretty unforgettable night for the cast of “Breaking Bad” at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. It began here, with Bryan Cranston proving he can rule a 2014 red carpet while rocking a Vincent Price mustache. 

He can rule it with his wife too, as Michelle Dockery (in a very “Laugh-In”-themed gown) and Christina Hendricks look on.

Here's Anna Gunn arriving. The best “Breaking Bad” fans love Skyler White. Full stop.

Aaron Paul and his wife linger inside. Maybe he'll get to mention her website on national TV. Who knows?

Here are Vince Gilligan, Gunn, and Cranston mere minutes away from owning the whole evening.

When the evening took off, “Breaking Bad” couldn't help but cross paths with other victorious shows. Cranston proved he was in control of the entire night by approaching Julia Louis-Dreyfus and reminding her of exactly who he played on “Seinfeld.”

Do you think Cranston chose that mustache specifically so he could make the following gesture? 

It was worth it.

Things were bound to get a little emotional when the awards started rolling in for “Breaking Bad.”

Something sank in when Anna Gunn took the stage. Like, this show is really over. And it was also the best show ever.

Aaron Paul started getting really quaint with his affections around that time.

And he was even more appreciative when he won an Emmy, his third.

How appreciative, you ask? Big time.

In fact, the whole damn speech is worth watching.

Then — THEN — when it came time for Cranston to collect his fifth Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series trophy, the message of the night was clear: We were not worthy of “Breaking Bad.”

Yet Cranston still managed to way to sound self-deprecating about it.

And they all rejoiced when they topped off the night with another Best Drama Series Emmy. There it is. The perfect night at the Nokia.

It went pretty well.

So, in conclusion: Thanks, Walter White.

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