A new ‘Ask Drew’ tackles Marvel rumors and the mother of all Movie God questions

One of the things I'm loving more and more about HitFix these days is working with our video team on new programming. We've just started working on ideas for a new regular video feature that delights me, and I think we're still just barely getting started on all the good stuff we're going to do in the future.

So far, I love the way you guys have reacted to “Ask Drew,” and when I refer to it as “the show that you write,” I mean it. If you don't send questions, we have no show. You are great about sending in a wide array of questions, both personal and professional, about films both new and old, and the only thing I can say to you is that you should feel free to dig even deeper. I find it slightly terrifying when you ask something that I don't have an immediate answer for, but that's the point of the show. It shouldn't be easy. So often, we can go into an auto-pilot mode doing this job, and you guys do a great job of knocking me out of that way of thinking.

This week, we get into questions about the future of the Marvel movie universe as well as a Movie God question that broke my brain, and that I've rethought about five times since we taped the episode.

It makes me laugh that FilmCritHulk over at Badass Digest has said repeatedly that he'll never play Movie God. I know someone's a serious hardcore movie geek when they take the responsibility of an entirely hypothetical word game that seriously. It is indeed a cruel game in many ways, but then again, I think if you're given the job of being Movie God, it's an Old Testament job. You've got to be willing to smite things. Smiting is practically the entire job description. And sometimes, when you smite, you smite wrong. I may have smote incorrectly this time. You tell me.

If you have questions for a future installment, please contact the team at video@hitfix.com so I won't see them ahead of time. And thanks for all your feedback about the show.