A ‘Walking Dead’ character you thought was dead is returning after all

(CBR) With AMC”s “The Walking Dead” set to return on Feb. 9, predictions are running wild in terms of what”s in store for the survivors in the back half of Season 4. While characters most certainly die on “The Walking Dead”, that doesn”t necessarily mean they”re gone; case in point: TV Guide revealed that fan-favorite villain The Governor, played by David Morrissey, will reappear on the show, despite his demise in the bloody midseason finale.

Not only does TV Guide guarantee that fans “will see [him] again,” it goes on to note that the midseason premiere will focus on Rick and Carl following Rick”s savage beating at the hands of The Governor and the aftermath of the prison”s destruction. That said, The Governor definitely got the worse end of the deal, getting stabbed in the back by Michonne before getting shot by Lilly.

It”s likely that Morrissey appears as one of Rick”s hallucinations. After all, the drama has used flashbacks and hallucinations to bring back dead characters in the past – most notably Sarah Wayne Callies reappearing as Lori Grimes following her death in Season 3. If the comics are any indication, Rick is about to go through a long period of recovery before he”s able to get back to the business of survival. It”s anybody”s guess what the future holds, but one thing”s certain: The Governor might be dead, but it doesn”t mean he”s gone.

(via io9.com)