Aaron Carter gets jumped by NKOTB fans, reminding us he was once famous

Aaron Carter was jumped by four apparent “New Kids on the Block” mega-fans in Boston on Saturday night, a confrontation the alleged former teen-pop idol made sure to mention to TMZ and on Twitter. Here is a photo of Aaron Carter’s face following the incident:

Now you may be asking yourself, who is Aaron Carter?  Well, not to worry, because you can find the answer to that question and many more in the below list of ten things we learned from this very important story.

1. Aaron Carter is the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

2. Aaron Carter once was a singer.

3. Aaron Carter has three greatest hits albums and four regular albums.

 4. Aaron Carter is still a singer, and he is on tour.

5. Aaron Carter is a “6th degree black belt in Muay Thai.”


6. Aaron Carter is not “a pretty little white boy.”

7. Filing police reports is “girlie.” (good to know!)

8. Some people in Boston still consider the city to be “New Kids on the Block” territory, and it is the year 2013. 


9. When you have haters, that only means your successful!


10. Aaron Carter tweets stuff like this.


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