ABC is moving forward with its Chevy Chase-Beverly D’Angelo comedy

ABC is moving forward with its Chevy Chase-Beverly D”Angelo comedy
The proposed comedy reuniting the “National Lampoon's Vacation” stars has received a script commitment from ABC and ABC Studios.

“The Office”s” Angela Kinsey signs on for an ABC buddy comedy
Kinsey will also co-create the comedy about an ex-wife who becomes BFFs with her ex-husband”s new girlfriend.

“Nashville” gets Mykelti Williamson to sing
The “Forrest Gump” star will play a brilliant musician-turned-nomad over four episodes on the ABC series.

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Gary Busey becomes the oldest winner of UK”s “Celebrity Big Brother”
Watch Busey”s celebratory interview – he”s also the reality show's oldest winner, at age 70.

“The Simpsons”” Willie weighs in on Scottish independence
“I am hesitant to throw my support to either side, be it the right one or the obviously wrong one,” says the Scottish character.

Apple CEO: TV is still “stuck back in the ’70s”
In an hour-long interview tonight with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook doesn”t reveal how he”ll change television. But he complains that with TV, “The interface is terrible, and you watch things when they come on unless you remember to record them.”

“The Voice” has boosted its judges' star power, yet it still hasn't found an actual star
So far, the NBC singing competition has produced six winners, who”ve all disappeared. As Simon Cowell put it, “Who does better? The Voice judges or the Voice contestants?” It”s quite obvious the judges have sold a ton more records.”

What went wrong with “SNL”s” Weekend Update: Lorne Michaels wanted to keep it in the “key of Seth Meyers”
As Daniel D”Addario notes, “Meyers had a particular sort of self-aware smarminess that he completely sold, and one that Jost seems to be trying to adopt. The segment had changed gradually each time it was transferred (from its Fey/Fallon era to Fey/Poehler to Poehler/Meyers to Meyers alone), but had in the five years Meyers was a solo anchor gotten fairly set in a certain mode. When Meyers hosted with Strong, she was more or less playing catch-up; the show was one with a host and a sidekick. When Strong and Jost hosted together, both seemed to be trying to play straight men rather than playing off each other.” PLUS: Why Cecily Strong wasn”t demoted, and how “SNL” got soft.

Watch Michael Che”s best “Daily Show” moments
The new “SNL” Weekend Update co-anchor joined Jon Stewart in June, soon after leaving “Saturday Night Live” as a writer.

W. Kamau Bell weighs in on “The Unbearable Whiteness of Late Night”
The former FXX talk show host had the same reaction to “The Late Late Show” going with another Jimmy, James Corden.

Are Netflix and Amazon killing off the web series?
The big-pocketed companies seem to be discouraging the making of low-budget web shows.

FX”s “You”re the Worst” has reinvented the sitcom
It has done that by merging the romantic comedy with the cynical sitcoms that have popped up over the past decade.

NBC”s “Dateline” creates an Oscar Pistorius documentary, but only for the web
“Oscar Pistorius: The Verdict” can only be seen through the DatelineNBC.com website.

Take the Lena Dunham quiz that the “Girls” star refuses to take
The Washington Post asks: “Is this a line from 'The Great Gatsby' or a New York Times profile of Lena Dunham?” Asked if she'd take that quiz, Dunham responded: “Of course not, only monsters take quizzes about themselves! But it's a very amusing concept!” PLUS: Why the Dunham bust is all wrong.

Laurence Fishburne: “It”s really wonderful” to be able to do both “Black-ish” and “Hannibal”
“I love the opportunity to use my full range,” he says, “and so playing in the comedy 'Black-ish' gives me the opportunity to show my lighter side, and playing in this beautiful, elegant horror story of ‘Hannibal,' I get to use my darker and more cerebral side.”

Check out “Arrow” Season 3 photos
Meet Ray Palmer and see pics from the first three episodes of the season. PLUS: See new “Reign” photos.

Here are 10 weird sci-fi shows ideas that networks keep trying over and over
Including: “Comedies about families living with ghosts.”

“The Mindy Project” won”t break up Mindy and Danny for ratings
“We thought, no. People can still be interesting when they are together,” says Mindy Kaling. “He's 40, she's 34. They just want to make it  work.”

“Mom”s” Anna Faris and Allison Janney tackled the “American Ninja” course on “Ellen”
Ellen DeGeneres provided play-by-play.

“Scorpion” books Shohreh Aghdashloo
The “24” alum will guest as a psychologist on the CBS series.

“Gilmore Girls” stars: Where are they now?
Whatever happened to Scott Patterson, Liza Weil and Yanic Truesdale?

“American Horror Story” unveils a “Big and Tall” trailer
“We are never short on surprises.”

Syfy”s “Z Nation” tips its hat to “The Walking Dead,” but the zombie drama is nothing like the AMC hit
Syfy”s stab at a zombie drama “isn”t trying to be an introspective character study,” says LaToya Ferguson. “It”s a B-movie horror show that would much rather give the audience a fun time than make them think about the human condition.” PLUS: It”s the perfect show if all you want are zombies, zombies, zombies, and it isn”t bad enough to be good.

Ken Burns” “The Roosevelts”: “Once you finish all 14 hours, you”re sorry to see them go”
If you do complete the seven-night marathon documentary, which kicks off Sunday, Hank Stuever says, “you may find yourself with a lingering, nebulous grief. You”re sorry it”s over. You”re sorry they”re over. You”re sorry a certain expression of American ideals is, or often appears to be, completely over.” PLUS: It”s the story of a century of American changes that are still controversial today, it is an exquisitely crafted monument to remarkable people, at times “The Roosevelts” should be called “The Times in Which the Roosevelts Lived,” and here are the hours you should skip.